All 5.1.1 How-to Jailbreak iPhone 4 Tutorials

5.1.1 Jailbreak is finally supported for all iOS devices that can upgrade to 5.1.1 firmware . Below listed are the supported devices that can be jailbroken using the latest jailbreak tool . Download and installation instructions given below for each jailbreak tool . Please choose untethered jailbreak over a tethered jailbreak to avoid the hassle of connecting with the computer to reboot. Tethered devices require a computer with a booting utility (iBooty) to reboot .

5.1.1 unetethered jailbreak download

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About Jailbreaking :

With more and more jailbreak options for iPhone users , jailbreaking is no more a difficult task. Anyone can jailbreak their phone from home in less than 5 minutes . Chronic Dev and iPhone Dev Team works consistently to bring the latest jailbreak tools and cydia gets updated with new apps everyday . Hundreds of app , themes , tweaks are available on Cydia for Free . Download Installous and you can try out the paid AppStore apps without paying a penny . though piracy should not be the reason for jailbreaking , there is an open path for users to choose whatever they want to do with their phones . Jailbreaking is also possible on iPad and iPod Touch . All the latest Apple products are jailbreakable removing the restrictions they impose on the ISO mobile operating system .

Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone 4 5.1.1 :

Those with a factory locked phone can get unlock using jailbreaking . In the past many jailbreak apps like SAM , UltraSn0w and FuriousMod has helped users unlock their phones . With jailbreak , you unlock the possibilities in which the device can be used . Jailbreaking allows you to add new functionality to the phone . Subscribe below to get these tips via Email .