Dev Team Not Working on an iPhone 4 Unlock

MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev Team tweeted about their current take on iPhone 4 unlock . Members at Iphone DevTeam are more concerned about implementing the jailbreak exploits in PwnageTool 4.3.1 [PT] and Redsnow 4.3.1 [RS] for iOS 4.3.1 as mentioned in the tweet below and working out current Ultrasnow 1.2.1 Fix . No one is looking at carrier unlock at the moment for iPhone 4 users who are stuck at 02.10.04  and later basebands .

4.3.1 unlock

At the moment the only way to get their phones unlocked is the Gevey Sim based hardware exploit . However the legality of using such method is still questionable as dialing emergency number 112 during the unlocking process is not considered legal .

Update : We are receiving news about some IMEI based unlocking solution for iPhone 4 . Early reports say that someone from the inside [Apple] has leaked a database containing details which can be used to carrier unlock AT&T locked iPhone 4’s . Some online sellers have already started to sell these remote unlock service for as high as $170 – 180.  We will update you about it in our next post here : IMEI Unlock iPhone 4.

iphone 4 unlocking

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