3 Reasons Why Jailbreak is Loosing Popularity

Jailbreaking is losing popularity and the amount of notable tweaks that are being released is dwindling fast. There are a few reasons for this, the most prominent being :

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  1. More people are becoming the owners of up to date firmware now than they ever have been.  Prices are down and it’s becoming easier to get hold of the latest models, such as the iPhone 4S and 5.  To date, neither of these devices has been successfully jailbroken if they are on iOS 6; for those that can roll back to or who are still on iOS 5 their devices can be jailbroken.  The main reason for the lack of a viable jailbreak is the lack of the limera1n exploit. This is available on the iPhone 4 making it one of the easiest devices to jailbreak, even on iOS 6. If an exploit for the iPhone 5 does turn up then it is likely that Apple will patch it just as quickly as they ddi with the 4S.
  2. Jailbreak solutions became popular because they could offer the user solutions to features that they could not get through Apple’s firmware, such as Wi-Fi syncing and the Notification Centre. Apple seem to have been listening and watching because,now all of these features, and more are available as standard, making it less desirable to need to jailbreak a device.
  3. The tweaks seem to be becoming less inspiring and more expensive as time goes by.  No more do we see tweaks such as WinterBoard or Zephyr; instead you get to change your screenshot flash colour. It seems that inspiration has deserted what could be a fast sinking ship.

Once upon a time it was difficult to keep up with the volume of awe-inspiring tweak that were steadily released. Now its difficult to find one. Jailbreaking isn’t dead yet, merely semi comatose and it can be brought round with a healthy dose of enthusiasm. Let’s hope that it is administered soon and this once glorious tradition can be revived.

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