24 Carat Gold Plated iPhone 5 – Now Available

If watching iPhone drop tests made you squirm then just be thankful they weren’t using one of these bad boys. This is one iPhone that you will definitely not want to drop,¬†and to make matters even worse it’s also a phone you won’t want to cover with a case .

gold case iphone 5

The new Gold and Silver iPhone 5 from Gold & Co. London have arrived and they are as flashy as you could hope for. The black version is smothered in solid 24 carat gold , whilst the white version is covered in silver. You’d have to have a rather big phone budget, more money than sense or just an overwhelming love of iPhones to buy one of these and although the official figures haven’t been released yet they are rumoured to be retailing at upwards of $4600.

gold case iphone 5 white

gold case iphone 5

The release on Friday will probably not be seeing such a huge a rush for the phone as the initial iPhone 5 launch caused, with Apple selling over 5 million handsets, but there’s no doubt that, for those with the money, these phones will be highly sought after. Information on the phones are limited but if they follow in the footsteps of the gold-plated iPhone 4S then you can expect a hand polished mirror finish and a factory unlocked handset, each individually numbered to ensure exclusivity.

So what do you think ? If you could afford one of these which would you choose, if any ?

Source : Gold and C0. London , UK on Facebook