15 Reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone

Many first time iPhone users ask me as question , Why do you Jailbreak your iPhone ? Today I will give 15 reasons to anyone having the same question in their mind . If these these 15 reasons aren’t enough , I will give you more .

jailbreak iphone 4 4.2.3

Well there is not one reason to jailbreak , the benefits are many . The reason you jailbreak is customization . Apple wont allow many high-profile apps like MY3G [Allows FaceTime over 3G] and MyWi [WiFi HotSpot  Tethering App] in the app store. But that’s not all , there are many small things you wish the iphone had , like adding more than 12 apps in an iOS folder or changing the theme , having a better lock screen , stacking more icons in the dock .

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Below are Selected few Jailbreak Apps :

1. Folder Enhancer App :


Allowing quick browsing of folders and more icons –  More Folders can be stuffed inside existing folders  [ allowing a total 320 icons ].

2. LockScreen Info :

LockScreen-on-The-Road_iphone 4 jailbreak app

LockScreen Jailbreak app adds useful information like weather updates , email , twitter and Facebook updates on the lockscreen of the iphone 4 which remains unutilized otherwise. One can add the interface of HTC Style theme with added plugins on this jailbreak app.

3. Five Icon Dock

five icon dock

Five icon dock jailbreak tweak allows you to add one more icon in the dock which by default allows only four icons at a time. So with this jailbreak app you can add more .

4. Five Column Springboard


This is a complementary app for the Five Icon Dock jailbreak app mentioned above. You can add one more column to the homescreen of your phone in place fo default four , hence allowing more icons in a screen.

5. Five Icon Switcher

icon switcher

Live the above two jailbreak apps , Five Icon Switcher jailbreak app allows you to add five icons in the task switcher . These apps can easy clutter in multi-tasking enabled iphone 4 . To close these apps at one use RemoveBG SBSettings tweak [mentioned below] which allows you to close all the apps in the task switcher at once in a single tap.

6. SBSettings


SBSettings jailbreak app is basically a hud interface that gives access to various statistics of your device [system resources and running applications] . There is no icon to launch this app. All you have to do is to swipe your finger down from the Status Bar to bring the app .

7. My3G

My3G allows you to make Facetime calls in 3G Network , as simple as that . No requirement of WiFi for making Facetime calls to other iphone 4 or ipod touch 4.

8. MyWi


MyWi Jailbreak app allows wi-fi tethering your iphone . This allows other wi-fi devices to see your iphone 4 as a wi-fi router that serves as a modem to access internet on other wi-fi enabled devices like the ipod touch 4 and laptop .

9. Stay Opened

Its annoying every time you decide to install an app from the app store and the app store page will close to bring you back to the home screen where the new app will begin the download process . Stay Opened keeps the appstore page opened while you keep downloading in the background . A free tweak for jailbroken phones .

10. WiFi Sync

WiFi Sync allows on the air syncing of your device with iTunes on your computer. Now you can sync data without having to plugin in your usb cable .

11. SB Rotator

Rotate your iphone 4 ipod touch 4 homescreen to landscape mode . Only available on jailbroken phones .

12. BiteSMS

biteSMS-iphone 4 jailbreak apps

Quick and easy access to text messaging from any screen without having to close the app that you are on currently .

13. WinterBoard Themes

winterboard themes

Allows you to customize the overall look for the iOS interface . Add themes and change icons and background wallpaper in the homescreen.

14. Frash


Allows you to  view flash content on Safari mobile browser . Access flash-based sites and other web content that require you to have a flash enabled device .

15. iGotya

Secretly take the pictures of the person who was spying on your device in your absence to steal your data .Required jailbreaking your iphone 4.

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UPDATE 18/01/2015

The core reasons for jailbreaking will never change. Simply put everyone who jailbreaks does it to break free of Apple’s chains so that they can do what they want with a device they own. However, as time goes by, the jailbreaks get better and so do the tweaks available for that jailbreak. Now that we are on iOS 8, those reasons just increased and, if you are not convinced yet, look at the real reasons why people jailbreak.



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