10 Year Old Hacks iPhone 4

A 10-year-old girl hacker has figured out a iOS exploit which exists in iPhone 4 in the recent hackers conference at Defcon Kids . The girl nicknamed CyFi discovered the zero day flaw while playing a game named Farmville . She got bored while playing the game because of its slow pace and found that by manually advancing the clock one can force the game further ahead and it worked . By changing the time , she can move ahead in the game without having to even play through it .

white iphone 4 hacker kid Many such games were affected in the iOS platform even though some could readjust this kind of manipulation . No immediate information was available on this from Apple but we know the flaw will be fixed very soon by game developers .

CyFi (name changed) received a reward of $100 at the end of the event from the sponsors of DefCon Kids . The conference held at Las Vegas is primarily aimed at recognizing young talent in the field of technology .  Kids of the age 8-16 are allowed to participate in this event with discussions on the topic of Reverse Engineering , Hacking etc .

Source : CNET

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