10 Hidden Controls on the iPhone 4S Headphone

Having more ways to input on an iPhone is always useful . The iPhone headphone has three buttons , the volume up (+) , the center button and the volume down (-) . If you have an iOS device like the iPhone , iPod Touch or an iPad , you can use the headphone tips mentioned below  . Here are 10 ways of using your iPhone headphone . Check out how many of them you know  already .

iphone-5 headphone

  1. Take a Snap : This is one of the most common feature and known to many . Apple introduced this feature in iOS 5 and since then its has become a very popular method for taking pictures using the Volume Up (+) key as shutter release switch . Download the awesome Camera Apps available for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 and use the shutter release switch for taking amazing pictures .
  2. Activate SIRI : Other than holding the Home button for activating SIRI , you can press and hold the Centre button on iPhone 4S to activate SIRI . If you have jailbroken and installed Siriport on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 , this method will work for you . Te centre button is indicated in the image above .
  3. Answer Incoming Call : You can press the Centre button to answer an incoming call and press it again to end it .
  4. Mute Incoming Call : Press any of the volume buttons to mute the ringer during an incoming call
  5. Reject Incoming Call : When you don’t want to attend an incoming call , press and hold the center key for 2 seconds and the call will be rejected and you will hear two beeps on the headphone which indicates that the caller was sent to voice mail . decline incoming calls iphone 5
  6. Pause Play : You can pause and play content on your device using the Center button .
  7. Skip to Next : You can skip to the next song or chapter by pressing the Center button twice
  8. Skip to Previous : You can go back to a previous song or chapter by clicking the Center button three times
  9. Rewind a Song : To rewind a song press the center button thrice and hold down the center button on the third press
  10. Fast Forward a Song : To fast forward a song press the center button twice and hold it on the second press
  11. For Incoming Calls while on another Call : If you receive a call while you are on another call , press the center button once to switch calls . To ignore the new incoming call on wait , press and hold the centre button for 2 seconds .

The above tips works for headphones supplied with the iPhone with Volume plus (+) and minus (-) buttons with mic . Share this Tip with your friends on Facebook . For more Tips and Tricks in your Inbox , Subscribe .