Where to Buy iPhone 5 in the United States

If you are planning on buying iPhone 5 soon but aren’t liking the look of the 3-4 week delivery time on the Apple store then I don’t blame you . So where else can you buy an iPhone 5 from ?

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Here are some options for US customers, if you are not in the US please click here . Wherever you choose to shop it is highly recommended that you call before you go to the shop as you might end up walking or driving all over the place before finding one that has the model and colour that you want in stock. Make sure you check price details on each site .

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1. Apple Store : Firstly, and most obvious, and therefore the most popular, is the online Apple Store and actual Apple Stores. These are the most likely places to have the highest volume of stock, however, they will also be the place that is likely to have the longest waiting list. Link .

2. Official Carriers : The Contract providers store. iPhone 5 is currently available on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Going to one of these individual stores will be quicker than ordering offline and you might be able to get it the same day .

  • Verizon one of the most popular networks because they have a huge LTE network.
  • AT&T are more likely to have stock, although their network is not as big as Verizon’s.
  • Sprint offer unlimited data for their customers on their LTE network and therefore will be a popular choice.

3. Wal-Mart offers the iPhone 5 at $10 cheaper the then Apple, although only certain stores will have stock and they will be likely to sell out quickly due to their central locations. Link – walmart.com

4. Target is a place that is not widely known to sell Apple stuff. This means that they have a good chance of having the iPhone and other accessories in stock. Link : target.com

5. BestBuy : Just like Wal-Mart, and even Target, ¬†will have stock dependent on the stores location and it’s size. They definitely get the phones in stock though so don’t cross these off without calling them . Link : bestbuy.com

6. Radio Shack is another place that the average consumer might not be aware sells iPhones. This is great if you are running out of places to call . Link : radioshack.com

7 . Amazon.com : Online shopping portal Amazon sells and ships iPhone 5 worldwide . It also handles shipping and custom duties . iPhone 5 listings may not be available right now . Link .

LTE Providers in US and Canada

United States

  • AT&T (GSM)
  • Sprint (CDMA)
  • Verizon (CDMA)

Canada (GSM):

  • Bell (including Virgin)
  • Rogers (including Fido)
  • Telus (including Koodo)

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