Wedding Planner Apps for iPhone

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Unfortunately, many people get so bound up in planning their wedding, or having the cost of a wedding planner to worry about that it can become quite stressful. Now, with the help of one of these free apps, you can plan your own wedding day, from top to bottom and have some fun doing it. Best of all, each of these apps is completely free so you can save the cost of hiring a planner and put it towards your honeymoon or towards your new house.

Top 4 iOS Wedding Planning Apps :

1. The Knot Weddings Magazine :

The Knot is one of the most comprehensive websites available for wedding planning and is full of ideas, themes and designs. This app is free but you will need to purchase the magazines, either single issues at a cost of $9.99 or a year’s subscription of 4 issues at $19.99. It’s definitely a small price to pay to get the latest in wedding ideas straight to your iPad.

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2. Easy Wedding Planner:

This app makes planning a wedding so easy you will wonder how anyone managed without it.  It’s a simple app that tracks every single detail and it also includes a bride’s notebook so she can jot down her own thoughts and ideas. It’s very pink but this doesn’t detract from what the app can do.

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3. Wedding Inspiration:

Some people truly do not have many ideas about how they want their wedding to be so this app makes it simple for them.  It gives you the ideas, complete with photos and covers all the different types of weddings you cat ink of. It includes a search bar so you can look for particular themes or designs and, when you have made your choices, simply use the in-app list to keep them altogether and plan your entire day smoothly.

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4. Wedding Planning Complete :

As the name suggests this is the most complete iOS wedding app available, offering just about everything you could think of, and some that you couldn’t.  It’s very user-friendly and, as well as a list of tasks, budgets and guests you can also design your own table seating arrangements.  Again it’s a very pink-looking site and this cannot be changed but it doesn’t make the app any less easy to use.

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Now we take a look at the Best Android Apps :

1. Wedding Planner :

This app is full of helpful tools that anyone planning a wedding will need, including guest lists, vendors lists, budget planning and a gift list. Also included is the helpful ability to be able to import or export the lists in Excel format, meaning they can be shared around and added to at any time.

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2. Wedding Planning: – A very simple and easy to use app, this one isn’t the most detailed in the way of graphic images and menus but it does have everything you need.   You can create your own invitation, payment and to-do lists and access them very easily at the touch of a button.

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3. Our Wedding Planner: – This is one of the most complete apps available for wedding planning and has some great features to help you out. It can keep track of your budget and all the other lists of things to do before the big day. You can set up your own lists, keep track of what has been done and what’s left to do and you can also import your guest list from your Contacts if you don’t want to add it manually.

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4. Wedding Plandroid- This is the most comprehensive planning app and is just like hiring a real-life wedding planner without the added cost.  Your entire wedding can be planned right down to the smallest detail and managed very easily. You can add events to a calendar which will then be displayed on a timeline and, if you have input your wedding date you can set up a countdown timer.


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So there you have it, the top 4 free wedding planning apps for both Android and iOS. Have fun planning your wedding and enjoy a stress-free, wonderful day.