Upgrade to Windows 8 for Cheap using Promo Code

Microsoft’s latest operating system for PC users Windows 8 is here . If you are using Windows 7 , you can directly upgrade to Windows 8 using the current Upgrade Offer for existing customers . But there is a catch to get it even cheap . Following the trick below , you can get added discount on the upgrade.

Note : Windows 7 users having only original copy of windows can upgrade

promo code windows 8-

Steps to Upgrade to Windows 8 :

  1. Use your computer on which you want to install the upgrade and launch any web browser and visit the site WindowsUpgradeOffer.com
  2. Enter your PC details and previous Windows purchase . The purchase date should be a date around 1-2 months* old and not more to receive the promo code via email.
  3. Note down the promo code you receive via email .
  4. Download and run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant on the PC you want to upgrade. windows 8 promo code-
  5. Make sure you check out the compatible and non compatible apps and devices before the upgrade .
  6. Once you get to the purchase screen, it will show the full price.
  7. You will get two payment options (depending on your geographic location) Paypal and Credit Card payment .promo code-windows 8
  8. We choose Paypal and instantly followed by the screen where you confirm the payment .
  9. On the order confirmation page you’ll have a chance to enter your Promo Code . Click Apply and the price will change to your Windows Upgrade Offer promotional price .promo code windows 8 pro
  10. Proceed with the payment and the download will begin

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