iPhone 5 Apps for Everyday Use

If you are an iPhone owner the chances that you, or a friend, will have uttered the infamous words, ‘there’s probably an app for that’. With the App store having so many hundreds of thousands of apps the probability is that if there is something in your life that stands to be, even slightly, improved by an app then someone, somewhere will have made it. Let Us Know what is your favorite app in the comment section below and we will add it to our list .

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The problem, therefore, comes when you want to choose one, or several, of these life enhancing apps but get overwhelmed with the amount of applications out there. What will really help you? What do you really need? Should you be paying for an app to organize a to-do list ? The answers to these questions will be revealed below as will 10 everyday use apps that actually do stand to make your life better, more organized or less hassle.

Top 10 Apps for Daily Use on your iPhone 5 :

1. The first app I’m going to list is one that will be perfect for anyone who says, ‘the diet starts Monday’. But no, this isn’t a dieting app, this is a running app, and one that promises that over the course of 9 weeks even the most dedicated couch potato will be able to run for half an hour straight.fitness app iphone 5 running jogging

The name of this wonder app is Couch-to-5k and it’s an app that brings exercise to even the busiest schedules. The fact that is not trying to drag people out of bed at 5 every morning means that, ok, technically it’s not an everyday use app (it’s made for use three times a week), but it is bringing you a skill that you can use everyday and that is a huge tick in most people’s books.

Download : This app is $2.99 on the US App Store. Link

2. This is a twist on the normal ‘to-do list’ app. Well is an Instagram-esque app that allows you to make and upload your to-do lists to a social media platform. If you opt for it to be public then other people can add things onto your list, or use your ideas on their own ones. This is certainly an unusual concept, but for anyone doing the daily shopping it has the ability to spice the trip up quite a lot. The app is a favorite for Bucket Lists, or things to do ‘this year’ or ‘next year’ and can really provide an inspirational and uplifting read.

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Download : This app is Free on the US App Store. Link

I’m going to cheat a little here and add in another app for those who only want a simple and easy to use to-do list app. Errands To-Do List is free (although for iCloud compatibility you have to upgrade) and simple with a no fuss design. You are able to set reminders and alerts for the items on your list, and for anyone with a busy schedule this can prove an invaluable tool to help keep on top of things.

Whichever app you choose each brings something slightly different to the usual, and let’s face it, mundane task of setting out everything we need to do for the next day, week or month.

Download : This app is Free on the US App Store. Link

3. Going back to health and fitness, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is one of those apps that you might deliberate over getting for quite a while until you finally bite the bullet and after a week wonder how you ever survived without it.

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For anyone who finds the effort of getting up in the morning almost too much to bear this could definitely be the answer. If your alarm is always set to the same time and you are always dog tired when you wake up then you might be waking yourself up at the time when you are most deeply asleep. This app will analyse your sleeping pattern and sound your alarm when you are most nearest consciousness saving yourself unnecessary stress first thing in the morning.

Download : This app is $0.99 on the US App Store. Link

4. Toshl Finance is a budgeting app. There are so many of these available but this one really clinches it will the extreme usability it provides. All to many finance apps are overly complicated or just plain confusing. Toshl gives you exactly want you need, a budgeting application that lets you see what you are spending and make necessary changes and cut backs if you need to. It is an excellent app to use if you need to bring your spending down and that can go for individuals, couples, families or students.

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Download : This app is Free on the US App Store. Link

5. The halfway mark. So far we’ve had pretty serious apps that are all definitely warrant everyday use. But let’s lighten the mood a little. What games can be so bold as to claim they will hold a person’s attention everyday? As much as Angry Bird  is addictive some days you just don’t want to kill those green pigs.

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Clockwork Brain is one of those brain-training games that you only have to play for fifteen minutes a day but that allows you to see how your memory is improving with every session. This type of game is not the most addictive, but it’s also hard to get bored of, especially when you are trying to beat your score! A perfect little game that can be played on the train, bus or plane or during your lunch break.

Download : This app is Free on the US App Store. Link

6. Banking Apps : Number 6 doesn’t have a specific app title. Most banks nowadays will have a smartphone app and if you use internet banking it can work out to an invaluable download. So this section is dedicated to whichever bank(s) you use and their respective app for checking balances, sending money or paying your bills. These apps make the need to visit the bank (unless you actually need money of course!) a non emergency as you can check to see whether your phone bill has come out, the gas man was paid or if you have incurred any charges this month.

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  • Bank of America link
  • Citibank Mobile App   link

Download : This app is Free on the US App Store.

7. Calorie Counter is an app for those who want to lose or gain weight by limiting or increasing their calorie intake. You input the food you have eaten and most of the time it will already have the food listed with the relevant calorie information but if if doesn’t then you can input it manually. At the start of the app you will be asked how much you want to gain/lose and the app will give you a calorie allowance for each day. To see how quickly the calories add up can be startingly but this app is an excellent first step to those looking for a healthier lifestyle. Team with the Coach-to-5k and you have that healthy lifestyle you have always wanted .

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Download : This app is Free on the US App Store. Link

8. This next app will probably be viewed as non-essential by those who come across it, but actually the premise and idea of the app is highly motivational.

Big Day is a countdown app to those special moments birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, parties, weddings, honeymoons, births, christenings etc. It can be anything you like and doesn’t have to be an event. The timer goes into negative figures e.g. it has been two weeks since stopping smoking. This means that this app isn’t just something to look at to give you a boost it can really help keep a certain mind set or achieve a long desired goal.

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Download : This app is $0.99 on the US App Store. Link

9. For the second from last app here is one that you will use everyday without even realizing! Onavo Extend is an app that shrinks your data usage helping you to get more out your data plan. Use it when on a roaming plan to triple the amount of data you can use. Onavo runs quietly in the background, helping you to save money as well as boost your internet connection when you have poor signal. Onavo is one of those apps that you don’t realize need until you have it.

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Download : This app is Free on the US App Store. Link

10. Last but not least here we have What’s App, the messaging service that allows across platform text, picture, video and voice messaging for free. What’s App is used by a huge amount of smartphone users already but if you haven’t yet downloaded it you might want to, especially if you are thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 5, as this kind of messaging service, coupled with the iPhone’s inbuilt iMessaging will help you cut down your contact payments by allowing you to take on a lower monthly tariff. With so many people using What’s App it has never been more beneficial to take advantage of this astoundingly good value app.

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What’s App will seamlessly integrate itself into your messages, no need to be given a second phone number or input your contact details manually, if someone texts you using What’s App then everything will be done for you. It’s as simple as that .

Download : This app is $0.99 on the US App Store. Link