Top Iphone 4 Jailbreak Problems October 2010 Part I

Here is a roundup of the latest jailbreak problems faced by iPhone users posted in the Iphone 4 problems forum last week. We have listed the top 10 issues faced by users from all over the world, which includes issues with jailbreaking Iphone 4, unlocking Iphone 4, installing jailbreak apps and other common problems.

confused_iphone_userTop Iphone problems last week :

1.       Iphone 4 lost Activation after Upgrade

2.       Will Jailbreak Cause Compatibility Issues with my iPhone 4

3.       Jailbreaking Makes Apps Free – True or False

4.       Updating Software to 4.1 – Will it make my device locked?

5.       Got iPhone 4 from Canada using in Bahrain – SIM Not Recognised

6.       How to Avoid Automatic Updates from Apple

7.       Restore Baseband from 02.10.04 To 01.59

8.       Why People Buy iPhone 4 – 3GS – 3G

9.       Can Iphone 4 – 4.1 be Unlocked?

Dozens of unique questions are posted everyday from users across the world , sometimes in languages I don’t understand and have to translate it to English before publishing from my end with corrections .

For more Questions & Answers , visit the Jailbreak Forum . Stay tuned for updates added daily.