1 Million Credit Card Accounts of Sony Hacked

Spanish police has detained three member of the Suspected Anonymous Group which hacked Sony’s premium online gamers network , also called PlayStation Network [PSN] . Anonymous is an independent group of loosely affiliate computer hackers spread across the world who target Government and Political websites and take them down with their Distributed Denial of Service [DDoS] attacks .sony jailbreaker hackers 2011

Spanish Police along with FBI has pinned down and caught hold of three guys which they suspect to have links with this group . Servers and other networking equipment have been recovered from the raid [images below]. The arrests took place in Almeria, San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) and Arenys de Mar (Barcelona).

sony playstation hackers-Optimized

Sony has become the target to coordinated web-based attack by Anonymous soon after it filed a lawsuit against popular iPhone 4 jailbreaker GeoHot and won the restraining order . You can read the complete story here .

It has been reported that thousands and possibly millions of accounts were compromised during the security breach revealing the credit card details of Sony users .

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