Retina iPad Mini to be included in Apple’s 2013 Product Lineup

Apple are not having a good time of things at the moment – plenty of bad publicity and a 30% reduction in share prices for starters – so a few new products wouldn’t go amiss. According to KGi Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there are a few in the pipeline this year and his predictions are normally pretty accurate.


He predicts the following from Apple in 2013 –

iPhone 5S : 

We may see the new iPhone 5S and a revamped 5 in the middle of this year. The 5S will be an upgraded version of the 5, with an A7 processor, improvements to the camera and a fingerprint sensor. The revamped 5 may be the cheaper budget model we’ve been hearing about, with a thicker casing and a choice of colors.

iphone 5s-Optimized

These pretty much agree with the rumors that have been flying around for some time although the fingerprint sensor is a bit of an odd one. However, Apple has just spent the princely sum of $356 million buying AuthenTec, a company who make smart sensors so anything is possible. The budget smartphone is not a new prediction by any means and it does look as if it will become a reality at some point. As for the color choices, with the exception of the iPod Touch which was aimed at the younger generation, Apple tend to stick to the monochrome look for their products so we’re not sure how likely this is.

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 :

ipad 5 ipad mini 2

Kuo is predicting that both the 9.7” and the Mini will be upgraded this year with the Mini finally getting its Retina display and the full size 5th Generation being much slimmer and lighter with a thin side bezel. He also says they will be announced in the third quarter of the year. The fact that the iPad range is being upgraded is not news as Apple themselves have already confirmed it; however, they do say it will be in March, rather than later on in the year.

Other Products :

The MacBook non-retina display is likely to be discontinued and pricing scales lowered. However, it’s not looking likely that the iMac and the Air will be given a retina display at the moment because of production problems. The iPod Touch 4th Generation will be dropped in favour of a lower spec 5th Generation model. And, as for Apple TV, although we might see some minor changes to the hardware, HDTV is not likely to make an appearance until next year at the earliest.

There isn’t much to get too excited about here to be honest but these are only one person’s predictions.  Apple is at least doing something this year, even if it is only updates and product refreshes.