PlayStation 4 will be 50% Faster than Xbox 720 – Report

Its going to be an interesting year ahead for gamers; the E3 expo takes place in June and Sony and Microsoft will go head to head with their new games consoles.  Right now, details about the new XBox 720 and Sony PS4 are sketchy but, while official specifications have not yet been revealed some sources are saying that the PS4 will have 50% more processing power than the XBox 720.

play station 4 ps4

This information has come straight from CES 2013 apparently, where sources reported that the PS4 will run at 1.84 teraflops while the XBox will be a little behind on 1.23 teraflops.  However, just because it will be more powerful doesn’t automatically make it the better machine. Microsoft apparently have an advantage in that their console will have an impressive 8GB of RAM, 3 of which will be used solely for the OS and apps while the other 5 will be dedicated to game playing. This should mean that some of those more powerful games will be easier and smoother. The Sony PS4 reportedly only has 4GB of RAM, a quarter of which is for the operating system.  Both will be capable of running Blu-Ray discs of up to 100GB capacity

The Vice President of Entertainment at Sony has already hinted at an announcement in the near future, with focus being firmly on E3 in June. Nothing has been heard from Microsoft but it is expected that both consoles will be launched in time for the holiday season later on this year.