Philips Launched iPhone Controlled Light Bulbs

Philips Lighting has launched a new product in Apple stores . This new product is not one that will have sold out straight away, and certainly wasn’t available for pre-order, because for $200 for three Phillips bulbs it might seem like you’d have to have more money than sense to buy them.That is until you read about what these bulbs actually do.

iphone controlled light bulbs

For starters these bulbs are sold in the Apple shops because they connect to your WiFi router and are controlled via an app. To dispel the first thought that might have popped into your head: no these are not just for lazy people who can’t be bothered to get off the sofa to turn off the light or just for the novelty of having different colored lighting.

  • Save your favorite lighting for individual rooms and turn them on instantly at certain times of day to create a harmonious ambience
  • Use a photo from your Camera Roll as the basis for the lighting, helping to bring memories vividly to life
  • Customize the light from vibrant , cool light to warm candlelight, to normal white light
  • Use the various light settings to match your furnishings and aura of your rooms
  • Monitor and turn your lights on of off remotely when away or on holiday for safety and security
  • Set timers for lights to go on and off

Unboxing Video of Philips Hue lighting :

Some people may find that having light to match their furniture is not something that would ever be on their radar but the remote control is a feature that anyone who goes on holiday will be able to see the benefit of.

The timers and light settings can help you, your partner or children drift off to sleep and wake up peacefully every morning and night.

At $200 for three bulbs plus controller and $60 for each additional bulb this is not a gadget that will be fitted out in every room in every home for a very long time, but it can’t be ignored that this is a really unique idea and one that has a more powerful selling point than just people who want their light to match their bed linen. A freestanding lamp that gradually wakes you up in the morning can set you back $150 anyway, so for people considering that might want to seriously think something this product.

Philips have worked with Apple to bring it exclusively to their stores. Watch the video at to see if this new light-bulb might be for you.

Buy :

Available in US app store . Link .