Pebble Smartwatch Connects to Your iPhone and Android Device

Smart Watches seem to be getting a bit more popular. We’ve recently seen the G-Shock that connects to your iDevice and there are rumours that Apple and Intel are getting together to bring one out as well.  However, a much smaller company has beaten them all to the touch-line.

pebble watch

watch pebble


Pebble has broken any number of records over at Kickstarter – a hub that was set up for talented designers to showcase their visions. Occasionally you will get a product that reaches its target and heads into production and once in a long while you will get a product like the Pebble Smartwatch – one that defies any expectation that anyone could possibly have had.

It has already received in excess of 85,000 orders via Kickstart and, as a result will start shipping on 23rd January. As they are currently producing around 15,000 units per week, once things have settled a little, supply will keep up with demand.

The Smartwatch incorporates a Bluetooth 4.0 radio, a vibration motor, accelerometer and compass and it has a 1.26”monochrome backlit E-Paper display.  At the moment it can be linked to your Android, Apple or Windows Phone device although there is the possibility that, at some point in the future, it will have its own app system.

It’s very simple to use, has an intuitive user interface and can currently receive notifications for texts, emails, iMessage and GTalk. It comes in 4 colours – black, grey, red and orange and costs $149.