No Service after Jailbreak and Unlock

Update : This question is outdated. There is more updated answers to this question in the Jailbreak Blog.

Question posted by : Tom

iphone no service

Upgrade from iOS 4.0 to 4.01 and used Jailbreakme and ultrasn0w to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone. Now the Signal bar was drop, then searching, then No Service.  Try every way still no service. I know a lot of people get the same problem, does any one fix it and would you please tell me how to solve it.  My iPhone now becomes a iPod. No phone function.

Thanks in advance. Tom

Answer : by Tony

Method 1 :

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings . Now to to General > Network then turned off 3G, turned on data roaming then turned on the 3G again.

Method 2 : Install Ultrasnow

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Iphone Version : 4

Question Posted by : Ray Adams

From : Denmark

There is no signal to any carrier of any kind. before i jailbreaked my phone with the pwnage.tool i had a abandonment, called TELIA and now there’s nothing. is there a logical explanation to this?

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Iphone Version : 4

Question Posted by : Rohit

From : India

2 days back my iphone was working properly and yesterday it started showing no service i again followed the same procedure given by u all and still it’s not coming my internet is also not working I need your help as soon as possible.

No service post jailbreak and ultrasnow unlock . Baseband 6.15

Iphone Version : 3GS

Question Posted by : Derek

From : USA


I have searched forums and google for a fix to this issue with no success. I have a O2 3gs phone from Ireland. I wish to use it on prepaid att sim which I have. The phone is jailbroken with redsnow and baseband is updated to 6.15. Ultrasnow has been used to unlock phone. Phone shows AT&T network but no signal. Is there a new solution to this problem anywhere. Tried all the simple reboots etc.