No Pirated Apps on iOS 5 Jailbreak

Jailbreak developers┬áStefan Esser aka i0n1c said on Twitter that he is working on an iOS 5 un-tethered jailbreak that will be Piracy Free . Apple’s upcoming mobile firmware iOS 5 is pending public release during Fall this year and jailbreakers are already busy developing compatible jailbreak apps . ios 5 jailbreak icon

If ion1c blocks piracy , you will be not able to install jailbreak apps like Installous and [probably] repositories like iHackStore that give access to pirated jailbreak tweaks .

ios 5 jailbreak i0n1c

Currently over 11 millions iOS enabled devices are using Installous , and if this anti-Installous idea is introduced on iOS 5 jailbreak , it will have a significant impact on the jailbreak users who use the resources offered by Installous .

We at iPhone4Jailbreak Blog don’t support this idea as it takes away the freedom of jailbreaking. What do you guys think ? Please leave your comments below and share with Google +1 .