More Developers Join iOS 6 Jailbreak Scene

David Wang and Cyril Cattiaux are probably better known to many as Planetbeing and Pod2g; right now we’re all patiently waiting for them to finish developing an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6/iPhone 5.  It seems they are not working alone though as other developers are starting to add their expertise into the mix.

dream-team iphone dev team-Optimized

Picture from Left: Nikias Bassen, David Wang, Cyril Cattiaux, and Joshua Hill, presenting at Hack In The Box 2012

Nikias Bassen, better known as Pimskeks, is back – he, along with Wang and Cattiaux was one of those responsible for the Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak. Joshua Drake, winner of the “Capture the Flag” Defcon 18 hacker competition has suggested that the dev team should be looking at webkits and yet others are talking about an exploit via Safari. Several tweets have been seen, namely:

Joshua Drake:  “whats the prob with the piles of already disclosed but not patched webkit bugs?”

Joshua Hill: “sandbox isn’t a huge issue, we just haven’t dug into webkit too much”

HTTP: “Good to know. Maybe I’ll have a look then, if I find some time.”

And one that was posted just 2 days ago from Pod2g:  “Hey @planetbeing, please look at your IRC, I think I have good news!”

Please don’t get too excited though – even if the jailbreak is nearing readiness it isn’t going to be released until iOS 6.1 is out and until the jailbreak has been fully tested.