Man Recovers Stolen iPhone Using Dating Site Posing as a Girl

Stolen or lost iPhones rarely, if ever turn up again, especially if you’ve left them in a restaurant or at ta nightclub. However, there’s always room for a success story and they don’t come any sweeter than this one. A 27-year-old music student left his iPhone on the back of a taxi on New Year’s Eve. Like anyone would, he rang the iPhone repeatedly and put up a reward for its return but to no avail, leaving him in despair.


However, a stroke of luck located his iPhone for him.  The student, Nadav Nirenberg had been a member of popular dating site OKCupid and, the day after he lost the iPhone his account was accessed by the thief who used it to send messages to women.  This gave Nirenberg an idea and he set up a false account with a new email address and created a profile under the name of “Jennifer Rodriguez Gonzales”. He struck up a conversation with the thief and eventually persuaded him to visit “Jennifer’s” apartment for “a relaxing bottle of wine and a good time”.  As the thief approached the apartment building, Nirenberg approached him and, seeing the iPhone in his hand, offered him $20 for the it and told him the police were on their way. He also had a hammer with him for “personal protection”.

The end result was the iPhone being handed back, unharmed and, although the student thinks the thief was the cab driver he is not taking it any further as he doesn’t want the man to lose his job. He is also now installing anti-theft software on his iPhone to prevent it from happening again.

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