Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for iPad – Review

Logitech has released a solar-powered external keyboard with case for iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 . Logitech solar keyboards are very efficient and long-lasting. I am personally using the Logitech K750 keyboard (link) for my workstation and it works great. Its wireless and needs no power , ever . It uses your room light for all the power it needs and runs for months without even seeing daylight .

If you are looking into getting an iPad you might want to think about skipping Apple’s own Smart Cover and put the money towards  one of these beauties. Although they cost over double the price , the Logitech Solar Keyboard and Folio Case may be a much better long-term investment.

logitech keyboard for ipad 4

The case is powered by light, natural or artificial, and on a full charge can power itself for two years meaning you could write in complete darkness without it failing. Pretty impressive, huh ? The case has an automatic on/off function similar to the Smart Cover and once you open it the iPad will wake from sleep, and vice versa.

Using Dye Sensitized solar cells, which have a natural spring to them, make the keyboard suitable for portability without the worry of breaking the panels. They are also lighter, and cheaper to make, than their traditional glass cousins.

The case connects via Bluetooth and is compatible with the iPad 2 and 3 and offers protection for the device just as a smart cover would, except this also has an Eco-friendly keyboard built-in.

Built not just for typing but for entertainment as well this case has two ways of making the iPad stand up. One is designed for whole keyboard use, when you’re typing, the other is literally more laid back and allows the user(s) to watch a film whilst allowing quick and easy access to the strategically placed media buttons. See images below .

ipad wireless keyboard

The case costs around $130. Although it is more expensive than the smart cover remember you are getting a keyboard that will never use up one watt of your electricity, as well helping the environment. The green power of this case gives hope for the future when one day we might have iPad’s with built-in solar technology that will only cut down on power but help us out with the bills too .

If you are impressed and want to buy the Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard and Folio Case then it is available from the official Logitech website and Amazon .

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