Lighter iPad 5 with Narrower Side Bezels – Pictures

At some point this year Apple has plans to release 2 new iPads – the full-sized 5th Generation and the iPad Mini 2. Analysts are saying that the iPad 5 will feature some of the designs that are seen in the 7.9” Mini, including being lighter and thinner than previous models.  Conversely the new Mini will be given the Retina display that its bigger cousins already have. It’s also being predicted that release will take place in the latter part of the year, rather than March as first predicted.

ipad 5 ipad mini 2

ipad 5 picture


The same analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGi Securities says that the iPad will have much thinner side bezels although this will need to be accompanied by updates to the multi-touch software. This will most likely be borrowed from the Mini, as this was the first device to have the thinner bezels and new iOS multi-touch enhancements to solve the problem of accidental touch gestures.  Although the predictions of a later release go against Apples normal schedule Kuo is normally pretty accurate in his predictions.

Designer Martin uit Utrecht has produced some renderings of what the new iPad will look like with the thin bezels. His designs are based on previously touted rumors about the expected specifications.  This isn’t the first time he has come up with drawn predictions about Apple products; take a look at his portfolio to see how accurate his renderings are compared to the real products when they are released.