Jailbreak Dev Pod2G Released PodDJ App for iPad in Appstore

New apps appear in the App store with alarming regularity, both for the iPhone and the iPad. While most can be described as being of the “take them or leave them” variety, once in a while we get something that is really quite special. The latest app to cause a great deal of excitement is one called PodDj. The name really should give it away but, for those who are not familiar with him, the app comes from none other than jailbreak developer Pod2g and is for the iPad only.

Here is the app in action : YouTube Video

There are quite a few apps on the market that try to help you turn your device into a music mixing machine and DJ station but none are quite so powerful as this one. The app is unique in that it uses every single pixel of a retina display and the user interface is a work of art.

PodDj has one aim and that is to turn your iPad into a professional mixing engine while allowing users the ability to have a great deal of fun creating their own mixes. Attention to detail in the app is second to none and there are a number of professional features, such as a transform button for advanced mixing and scratching and a feature that detects beats per minute. It’s a fully loaded app with so many features that newcomers to the scene may find it a bit bewildering. But, with its exceptional interface and high quality sound it will soon draw users under its spell.




While some stores are already showing the app as live it is officially released at midnight tonight at the special price of just $5.99. From the 14th to 31st January it will cost $7.99 and from then on the full price of $9.99 will be applied. AppStore Link .