iPhone 5 in Final Stages of Testing – Dual Flash

We have been hearing rumors that Apple will launch iPhone 5 [4S] sometime in the period of August-September 2011 . According to the source , iPhone 5 has reached the stage of final design testing before it is approved for mass production in the next two months. iPhone engineers are busy figuring our last-minute problems in the design if any so that a blunder like last year [antennae] don’t happen .

iphone 5

Expected Features on iPhone 5 :

  • Dual LED Flash – iphone-5-dual_flash-camera It’s very likely that Apple will advertise the camera on iPhone 5 after Flickr ranked iPhone 4 as the most popular camera on the image sharing site . Read more
  • 8 Megapixel Camera : iPhone may see a higher resolution camera supplied from Sony going along with the dual flash LED’s . Read more here .
  • A5 Processor – iPad 2 have it so will iPhone 5 making it the fastest iPhone ever built .
  • New design with a Teardrop style casing [more images]

iOS 5 Features that you will see on iPhone 5 :

  • Facetime over 3G . Read more iOS 5 Features . Verizon might not support Facetime on 3G .

Samsung Apple Debacle :

  • Fresh news from the legal department here. The court has turned down Samsung’s demand to access details of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 . Judge Lucy Koh rejected Samsung’s suggestions that it was merely echoing Apple’s granted requests to see samples of the Galaxy series of smart devices . You can read more about it here .

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