Iphone 4 Grip Problem Affects Call Reception

Iphone 4’s innovative technology to use the stainless steel edges as antenna has proved to be a technical glitch. Iphone 4 users reported trouble with frequent call drops while holding their iphone 4 in a certain way. Tech Guru’s call it the “Death Grip” . While that seems like it’s mainly a hardware issue with iphone4 , others had found that their older iPhones that had updated to iOS 4 had the same problem.

Reason :

If you hold the iphone in a slightly sweaty hand, with fingers covering the black lines on the iphone’s edge and the bottom left corner , signal strength is reduced.

Remedy :

  1. Avoid holding the iphone on the left hand corner
  2. Use iphone cases for protection.
  3. Use cheap hand bands made of rubber and cover the sides as shown in the picture below.