iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 To Arrive in March

In 2012 Apple decided that it was time to update their range of iPads, with the result that we saw the iPad 4th Generation and the brand new iPad Mini launching.  Obviously, those that saved up and purchased their nice new iPad 3 were probably a little annoyed that the 4th Gen appeared no more than 7 months later but, on the whole bother that one and the Mini were received well.

ipad mini-

It has now been reported that, as early as March this year, we will be seeing the next upgrades, in the shape of the iPad 5th Generation and the iPad Mini 2. Rumour has it that the 5th Gen will be a little smaller and the Mini 2 will have a Retina Display. This report has come via Brian White, Topeka Capital Market analyst who said that he had spoken with “industry sources” during CES 2013 and has it on good authority that March is the target.

For Apple, the iPad 3 was their biggest leap, sporting a Retina Display and an A5X processor but, housing for the newer technology was quite a bit bulkier. So, for many the news that the new iPad will be smaller will be welcomed. It’s also thought that the iPad Mini 2 will receive an upgrade, possibly on the processor; after all, the A5 is getting a bit old now.

While it’s good that Apple are keeping their products upgraded and up to date, there are many who bought the 4th Gen and the Mini last year who will be understandably miffed that the next one will be released within the space of 5 months.  Will you be queuing up to buy one of the new iPads in March?