iPad 4 Rumor – Expected Release Mid 2013

Rumors are spreading across the internet about the a possible iPad 4 being released – unfortunately not this year – but around halfway through next year.

ipad 4

Although this is still quite a long way off it is good to hear, especially as there is talk of a ‘revised’ iPad 3 – with LTE support and a Lightening connector but with no major improvements – because is everyone jumps on the bandwagon people may start kicking themselves come next June/July time.

This information comes from a rather unreliable source, although should Apple release an iPad in the first quarter of next year it would be in keeping with their current trend of a new product every 12 months.4g iPad

The new iPad rumors are sketchy on details but do tell of a simpler manufacturing design. DigiTimes says :

The sources said the next generation iPad will remain its same 9.7-inch size but will simplify its components to give the device a simpler manufacturing design, such as the amount of LED lights that are used.

The sources said the New iPad uses one-chip packages for its LED backlight units (BLUs), but the next-generation model will adopt two-chip packages, the sources added.

This is supposedly down to the huge strain the iPad 3 constantly puts on its battery and the fact that it overheats very quickly. Reducing the LEDs in the screen will help both of these issues although the huge number of LEDs needed for the iPad 3 was largely due to the Retina display – will Apple ditch the beautiful screen for a longer battery and less chance of overheating? But more importantly will people buy it? Only time will tell and we will have to wait a little while longer until we fully know the facts.

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