iOS 7 Settings Concept – New Quick Settings Panel

A little while ago a video was uploaded by Andre Luis Moreira, showing his iOS 7 concept, Quick Settings.  The concept is similar to jailbreak tweaks SBSetting and NCSettings except that it includes music playback controls and a list of customizable toggles. The toggles can be added, along with links, and sorted on the settings page.


That video has now been updated to reflect a couple of changes, one of which is that the concept has been re-sized to fit the 4″ screen on the iPhone 5.  The second change is a replacement of the menu on the SBSettings like page to an Edit Mode, which is accessed by swiping the Settings Pane upwards. this reveals a hidden layer that features a set of gears that allow access to more features and settings; you can also choose which sliders you want to be associated with Quick Settings.

One final change is that, if you are already in an app, or typing a message and you ant to access the settings, instead of having to exit back to the home screen, you would now be able to shake your iPhone and the settings page will appear, over the top of the app.

YouTube Video :

Have a look at the original video and the update for yourself and see what you think about the concept. Do you think it would make a good tweak or would you want to see it introduced to iOS 7 by Apple ?