iOS 6.0.1 Under Testing Phase

An anonymous source at Apple has said that the updated iOS 6.0.1 . is in the testing stages and being trialled across wireless carriers in the United States. The update is expected to be released in ‘the coming weeks’ and although it is being cited as the next ‘major update’ only bug fixes are included, and not any new features.

ios 6.0.1

Issues that the update is likely to fix the horizontal lines on the keyboard (this is mostly an iPhone 5 bug), a Passbook bug that allowed information to be accessed from the lock screen, improved WiFi support, the cases of cellular data not working and an Exchange bug that would cancel meetings for a whole group.

The news of this update will be warmly received by those who are facing problems from any of the bugs, but as it contains no update for the Maps app it will also leave some people out in the cold and maybe even still refusing to upgrade to the iOS 6. This is a fact that proves just how much Apple Maps is lacking as people are willing to stay on a lower iOS just to keep the integrated Google maps app.