iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Ready for Release

Many of our readers informed about a possible announcement of jailbreak for iOS 4.1 firmware that is about to be released on 8th Sept [developers version already out] has already been jailbroken by iPhone Dev Team. A recent tweet from Muscle Nerd suggest that Comex will try to pull a trifecta by releasing a Userland Jailbreak similar to to jailbreak iOS 4.1 for all idevices. If he fails in doing so , then a bootrom exploits will be released instead .

iOS 4.1 jailbreak

What is Userland Jailbreak ?

Userland Jailbreak works on the iOS firmware and exploits a loophole to jailbreak your device . This is also called untethered jailbreak . Spirit and JailbreakMe were Userland Jailbreak tools . Userland jailbreak can be fixed very easily using patch on every new iOS firmware Apple will release.

Modmyi Says :

Userland Jailbreak can be considered as a special app which runs at every startup, after the boot process, but before the springboard has loaded, and which each time modifies the firmware in the memory, allowing you to get root privileges.

About BootRom Exploit ?

I wont explain about this much in this post , just in brief that , iBoot exploit gives hardware level access to the device which cannot be fixed as easily by Apple just by releasing a iOS software patch. They’ll have to fix it just at the manufacturing level , so this will only be possible as they roll out new devices. One example of iBoot Jailbreak is Pwnage Tool .

What do we suggest :

Wait for Sept 8 release of iOS 4.1 Firmware . Let us confirm about the Jailbreak release , and verify its working before you can attempt it on your device. To get the latest alerts , please subscribe to our JailbreakMe alerts and Join our Facebook Fanpage for updated news 24×7.