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How to Save Battery on iPhone 4S – iOS 5

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iPhone 4S running iOS 5 firmware can consume a lot of power and deplete your battery within hours without use . Follow the steps below to save battery power and last longer .

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Steps to save Battery on iPhone 4S iOS 5 :

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  1. Turn off multi tasking apps - iOS 5 comes with multi tasking features that keeps the apps which are closed running in the background . Since there is no exit button on the application , they keep running and consuming power even when not in use . To close these apps you have to double-click your home button. This will bring up the multi tasking task switcher menu . Now tap and hold the apps till they show the red “minus” sign on them . Now tap on the red “minus” sign to turn off the app . There is a nice jailbreak app called KillBackground that can be used to close all background apps at once instead of closing one at a time .
  2. Turn off iCloud Backup – iCloud is a new online backup service from Apple that enables wireless syncing of your iPhone and other iOS 5 enabled devices and keeps the contents safe on the online servers of Apple . To turn off this feature go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup .
  3. Turn off Location Services - Settings > Location Servicesiphone 4 battery save tips optimized
  4. Turn off Notifications - Settings > Notifications
  5. Turn off Vibration - Settings > Sounds
  6. Turn off Automatic Email Checking – Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data > Push . Now turn it off .
  7. Turn Auto-Brightness - Keep the brightness levels a low so the display consumes less power . Settings > Brightness
  8. Turn off Cellular Data – Using 3G or EDGE service consumes power while even not in use . Turn it off and use WiFi for data services wherever possible . Settings > General > Network
  9. Turn on Auto-Lock for Screen - Keep the auto lock feature a under 1 minutes for best results . Settings > General > Auto-Lock
  10. Turn off Personal Hotspot - Settings > Personal hotspot

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