How to Get Fast Access to Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart Controls in Mac OS X

If you have been using Mac’s for a while then the chances are you already know how to use the keyboard shortcuts that will put your Mac to sleep, reboot or shut down.  If you don’t know what they are you probably just use the OS X power controls and manually pick your option from a list.


Here’s how to use the keyboard shortcuts to do the job for you:

  • First, bring up the power controls by pressing the Power button on your Mac macbook air keyboard

While you could just use your mouse at this point it is handy to know what the keyboard shortcuts are :

  • S – Sleep
  • R – Restart – shows a warning screen if there are any open apps, unsaved documents or data or the user is logged in via networking
  • Return – shuts down the Mac but again throws up a warning if apps contain unsaved data or there are users connected by LAN
  • ESC – shuts down the power control screen

How you shut down your Mac is entirely down to personal choice but it is widely thought that simply putting it to sleep or not turning it off at all are preferable to constantly turning the Mac on and off all of the time.