How to Fix iPhone 5 WiFi Problem

Fed up with slow, buggy WiFi on iPhone 5 ? Read on to learn how you can manually improve your connection without leaving your house or taking your phone to a Genius Bar.

iphone 5 wifi fix

If you want a quick fix try Google’s DNS services – or If you want better results that will yield a faster internet connection then read on.

  1. First off download NameBench onto your PC or Mac. This program will run for a few minutes to establish the fastest connections in your area.
  2. Once it’s finished make a note of the fastest connection and boot up your iPhone.
  3. Open Settings > WiFi and tap the blue arrow next to the network that you are connected to.
  4. Tap DNS adjust the settings (this is where you put in Google’s numbers for that quick fix) and tap in the numbers of the fastest connection.
  5. Come out of Settings and then check your connection. Go on Facebook, download or update an app or anything that requires a connection. Your internet speed should shot up .

Not every iPhone owner will experience this on every network, but if you do then you know exactly what to try to give your browsing a boost . To test the new improved WiFi speed you can also use SpeedTest app from AppStore .

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