How to Erase All Data on iPhone 5 without iTunes

Have you got a lot of sensitive data on your iDevice that you don’t want anyone seeing? Or have you just got so much stuff on there that you can’t be bothered to delete it all individually ? Most people use iTunes to do this but there is another way. Now, with one simple command you can erase all of the data from your iOS device in an instant. Here’s how:

Note : Before we start, please note that this is an irreversible process so make sure all of the data you want to keep is backed up first.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone home screen .erase iphone 5 contents (2)
  2. Select General erase iphone 5 contents (3)
  3. Select Reset erase iphone 5 contents (4)
  4. Select Erase all Content and Settings erase iphone 5 contents (5)
  5. A confirmation message will appear, click on Erase iPhone or whatever your device iserase iphone 5 contents (1)
  6. Another confirmation message will appear, select the Erase message again

With that, your iOS device has been wiped clean. If you want to put the saved data back on your device, simple restore as normal through iTunes.