How to Create Strong Un-Guessable Passcode for iPhone 5

Are you looking to change the passcode on your iPad or iPhone to something a bit stronger ?  Did you know that you can use accented characters in your passcode ?  There are a number of them available on the virtual keyboards of both devices – tapping on a specific character and holding it will bring up a list of variations for that character.

iphone 5 passcode

Instead of just using a straightforward word, add in one or two accented characters to make your passcode strong and virtually unbreakable.  For instance, a word like Äpplë is much more difficult to guess than just Apple . If you can’t access the options for alphanumeric characters on your device go to :

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Passcode Lock iphone-accented-characters
  4. Turn off Simple Passcode

This tip is for iOS devices only. Android devices do allow alphanumeric characters but not accented ones and Windows Phone 8 users can only use digits for their passcode.