GreenPoison LimeRain Difference & Comparison

Many users are asking What is the difference between GreenPoison and Limerain Jailbreak ? and why should they choose jailbreaking their iPhone 4 with one or the other. Which one is best suited for them and what about the Unlock. I will be answering all these queries in this post .


Brief introduction to both the Jailbreak’s :

GreenPoison as announced by Chronic Dev Team was going to be released on 10th Oct 2010 , but somehow Geohot – another forgotten iPhone jailbreaker came out from the dark , with his version of iPhone 4 jailbreak named ‘Limera1n‘ , only a few hours ago of scheduled GreenPoison release to beat Chronic Dev Team in its deadline . The Dev’s decided to play responsible and kept the ‘Shatter exploit‘ , which is a bootrom exploit for a later time and went ahead with a modified installation of LimeRa1n exploit on GreenPoison . GreenPoison Jailbreak was released a day later.

What is the Difference ?

If you read the above paragraph carefully , I have mentioned that GreenPoison is using Limera1n exploit which is another Bootrom exploit [ that Apple cannot patch with its iOS updates , like it did with JailbreakMe userland jailbreak ]. So basically both jailbreak work on the same vulnerability on iOS 4.1 to jailbreak your iDevice [iPhone 4 , iPod Touch 4, iPad ] . If you are having success with Limera1n , go ahead with it or else try GreenPoison Jailbreak.

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Can I jailbreak using both GreenPoison & LimeRa1n ?

Tests show that both jailbreaks can co-exist. Only issue was when the latter tried to install Cydia , and showed that Cydia is already installed.


Can I Install Installous ?

Well , Yes . Installous runs on both the jailbreak.

How to unlock your iPhone after this jailbreak ?

Dev Team says , go with the GreenPoison version of the jailbreak for possible unlock in the future [ sometime after iOS 4.2 release in November ] . We have no word from Geohot here , he just disappeared from the jailbreak scene [ without providing any support to issues faced after Limera1n] . In the mean time we had some rumors about a possible unlock named LimeSn0w . Though it looks fake to me since the source is anonymous and images can be easily photoshopped.

How to unlock then ?

If you preserved your modem baseband using the upgrade tutorial using TinyUmbrella , you can still unlock your device using UltraSn0w. For those with the latest baseband , if you are on iOS 4.1 , we are awaiting iOS 4.2 public release in November next month for the Iphone dev’s to release an unlock.

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