GreenPois0n will not Jailbreak Iphone 3GS

After the good news we have the bad news about GreenPoison not being able to jailbreak 3rd generation Iphone 3GS and Ipod Touch 3G. GreenPois0n will be un-tethered version of shatter exploit , but it will not jailbreak your iTouch 4 or Iphone 3GS. Its only developed to jailbreak iOS 4.1 4.2 on 4th generation devices like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. The tweet below by semaphore who developed TinyUmbrella for saving your SHSH blobs on Saurik’s server.


It is believed that future Comex releases will be able to jailbreak iPhone 3GS. Comex is the guy behind un-tethering Iphone 4 Jailbreak GreenP0ison .

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Latest Update : Just few minutes ago we heard the news that the Iphone 3GS iTouch 3G  jailbreak will be released via Comex Userland Exploit. Since userland jailbreak is a software level hack , it can easily be patched like the JailbreakMe which was based on PDF exploit. So don’t expect the release to be made by Comex anytime soon. It will be released only after iOS 4.2 official release in november 2010.