Gevey Sim Unlock – FAQ -Iphone 4 02.10.04 – 03.10.01 – Video

Gevey Sim Unlock for iPhone 4 basebands 02.10.04 -03.10.01 is now available officially for 70$ . You can buy Gevey Sim from the official partner applenberry . Some users have already received their ordered Gevey Sim and uploaded the working videos . Check out the Gevey Sim Unlock Video after the break .


Things to remember :

  • Gevey Sim is only compatible to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 01.59.00 to 03.10.01 on iOS version 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1 only. If you upgrade to iOS 4.3 firmware , your baseband will change to 04.10.01 and you will permanently loose your unlock . Follow our Snowbreeze 4.3 Baseband Preservation tutorial for details about Upgrading to iOS 4.3 without changing baseband . Subscribe to our posts via email to get baseband preservation tutorials whenever Apple releases an iOS Update .
  • Gevey Sim requires calling to emergency number 112 . Note that your country may have strict rules to handle misuse of Emergency Numbers.
  • If you turn off your device , you will need to do the entire unlock process right from the beginning . Bookmark the following post for future reference by pressing Cltr+D on your . [How to use Gevey Sim]

Watch Gevey Sim Unlock in Action – YouTube Video :

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