GeoHot sued by Sony Corp for Jailbreaking PlayStation 3

GeoHot may soon land up in jail if he fails to win or come to a settlement over the lawsuit filed by Sony Corp. against him and team fail0verflow for jailbreaking PS3 [PlayStation 3].


Sony has asked temporary restraining orders citing piracy issues over the latest Playstation 3 jailbreak code that was released last week. This is the same thing Apple is trying to prove in order to challenge the legality of iphone jailbreaking [Read our last post about Apple Fires Back at Jailbreak Legality] .Those who dont know about Temporary Restraining Order , it means you have to surrender all your electronic equipments like computers , hard disk , mobile phones etc that can hold data .

Good news is , the judge declined the TRO or Temporary Restraining Order and GeoHot was back with the code on his site . Check out the actual court order below .


[image credits]

Soon after all this GeoHot appeared in a tv interview to prove his point about Playstation jailbreaking and why it should be legalized [as the current jailbreak legalization hold good for mobile devices only].

Please let us know what you think about this unpopular move by Sony as they fail to protect their PlayStation Systems against developers like GeoHot .

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