GeoHot Now Working with Facebook

GeoHot the famous iPhone Jailbreaker and Sony Playstation hacker has now joined hands with Facebook according to his last Facebook Wall update . Greenpoison developer P0sixninja confirmed that GeoHot aka George Hotz left the jailbreak scene to join the office of Facebook.


What we know :

Geohot may be working with Facebook as a security  expert or part of the iOS developers team that makes Facebook app that works on iPhone iPod Touch and iPad . We tried to contact Facebook officials but nobody would comment on this matter . Lets wait to see when GeoHot comes up with more information on this .

Update :

It has been confirmed through various sources now that GeoHot is working with Facebook and joined the company on May 09 2011 . The news first broke when Craig Fox, the organizer of MyGreatFest (which is an Un-Official iOS Developers Jailbreakers Conference) first dropped the hint in a live video conference and later confirmed by @p0sixninja who was also speaking at the live stream .

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