Firmware Changer Jailbreak App

Here is an interesting Jailbreak App that will let you fake your iOS firmware. This is used by many jailbreakers who often fake their iPhones to be jailbroken without actually updating. So this is how it works ? . You search and download “Firmware Changer” app from Cydia Store [under ModMyi repository] and install it on your device [iphone 4 – ipod touch 4 ]. Choose a custom firmware from the list or enter your own firmware. So you can amaze your friends by editing your current firmware to something like iOS 5.0 or something silly to surprise.

Firmware-Changer-jailbreak app

Possible Uses of Custom Firmware :

  • Fool iTunes to think you are on the latest firmware and stop the annoying update alerts
  • Allows you to install apps that need the latest app that require updated firmware
  • Play prank with your friends

Please Note : You must have a jailbroken [with GreenPoison – Limera1n ] iPhone iPod touch to use Firmware Changer Jailbreak App.

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Update : The App has been pulled off from ModMyi Repository due to some root access problem causing security issues .