Fake a Call on your iPhone

Have you ever been in a situation you desperately want to get out of but can’t ? Maybe someone is talking to you about something that really doesn’t interest you and you really wish your phone would ring to save you. Now, with a handy little app, you can fake a call to your phone.  It’s called Fake-A-Call and it can be downloaded, free of charge from the App Store.

iphone 5 fake caller-Optimized

To anyone looking at it, it looks just like a real phone interface, with a keypad, speakers, mute button, everything you would expect to find. It can be set to activate at a specific time, for example, if you are going into a meeting or have to visit someone and don’t want to be stuck there all day, or you can set it off just by touching a button.  When you answer your fake call you get a choice of 9 different voices, each with its own script, making your fake call look real.  You can also record your own voice and script or purchase additional ones within the app.

The app is compatible with any iDevice on iOS 4.3 or later. Never be stuck again – get your free app today and extricate yourself from any undesirable situation in an instant.

Download Link – iTunes