Facebook to Compete with Google in Search

Remember the highly anticipated media event Facebook were inviting journalists to?  Well, it’s underway and the first thing to come out of it is, not a smartphone as we expected, but a new search tool. It isn’t a web search bar though; it’s designed to look for information within the data stored on Facebook itself.

facebook graph search vs google search-Optimized

It’s called Graph Search and it will let you search through the vast amounts of data, such as photos, preferences, media, etc. that Facebook holds for all users. Instead of putting in a general search term as you would with a normal search engine, this one requires a specific query and gives specific results.  According to Mark Zuckerberg “Web search and graph search are really, really different,” and this one use filters that are similar to a tagging system so it can sort data into specific groups.

However, in a bid to go up against Google, Facebook have teamed their search tool up with Microsoft’s Bing to provide results for data that can’t be produced from Facebook data, such as news or weather reports.  Privacy could be a huge issue here but Zuckerberg states that the new search facility will only return results for data that has already been shared or is marked as public.

Graph Search starts rolling out today but only in Beta and only to a selected group of English speakers.  If you are interested in it then you can put your name on a waiting list [Link].