Download GreenPoison RC 3 Build iOS 4.1

GreenPoison RC3 build was released a few minutes ago with fix to initial release [ RC2 ]. Those who can’t make it work with the first GreenPoison release may try our RC3 at the moment . Just open the following link your browser and download the Jailbreaking Tool for your respective Operating System .


GreenPoison Download for MAC OS is not available at the moment and the Chronic Dev Team is still working on it. However the buggy Windows version is having some fix this time.

Please Note : Greenpoison does not Unlock your Iphone 4 , as the unlock is being worked out at the moment and we are expecting its release soon after iOS 4.2 release from Apple in November this year. You must have iOS 4.1 in your iPhone 4 iPod touch 4 to use GreenPoison.

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