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The recent report outlining two current viruses that are targeting smartphones may have, understandably, rattled some people. The iPhone, or, indeed, Apple products in general, are famous for their layer of in-built armour that protects them from even the most accomplished hacker (this is the reason why jailbreaking takes so long). However, if you have been targeted in the past, keep sensitive or important information on your phone or are just worried about your data being hacked then this may be something you want to consider.

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For $0.99 you can download the First ever anti-virus for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad . Available from the App Store VirusBarrier from Intego is the very first app of its kind and runs exactly as anti-virus software does on your computer, quietly in the background.

Security Features  :

VirusBarrier will scan all email attachments, including zipped files, websites and files accessed through Dropbox, WebDAV and FTP shares. As well as scanning for all known viruses, all known adware, Trojan horses, Hacker tools, Keyloggers, Phishing Scams, Malware hosting, web threats and more, it also scans on demand should you encounter anything you find suspicious in your inbox. A scan can be halted at any point should you want to continue it later or cancel it completely if you are positive it won’t contain any nasty bugs.

anti virus iphone 5

This app not only aims to protect your iOS device but also to prevent any potentially harmful viruses getting transferred from your device onto your Mac or PC and although it is extremely rare for any virus to break through Apple’s stringent security it has been done before and it might be done again. An anti-virus isn’t a necessity for many people, but it’s so much better to be safe than sorry, and in this case better late than never doesn’t apply, if you’re too late, you’re too late!

Although VirusBarrier is the first app of its kind Symantec, the creators of Norton Antivirus, have also developed Mobile Management Software. This is not a bog-standard anti-virus application but a serious piece of software for people who need password protection for sensitive data. It’s whole world away from VirusBarrier, and although there are no prices on their site we will take that to mean it is a whole different story price-wise as well.

Download :

Available on AppStore for $ 0.99 . Link .

Do we need an anti-virus on our iPhones ?

Mobile Management is not something your average Joe on the street would consider for his iPhone but an app like VirusBarrier is one that is very likely to take off. The question remains, though, do we need an anti-virus on our iPhones ? Or do Apple have it covered ? For $0.99 is there any reason not to get it ? Have you or a friend ever had a problem with viruses on your iPhones ? Leave us your stories, comments, thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.