Consumer Reports places iPhone 5 among the Worst of Top Smartphones

Despite being one of the biggest selling products for Apple, it appears that not everybody thinks the iPhone 5 is such a great phone after all. Consumer Reports, a US Magazine and Web source has placed the device as one of the worst of the smartphones in the USA.  Before this data is dismissed out of hand, it is worth remembering that Consumer Reports have been producing reviews for around 80 years and one of the more highly regarded.


It’s not been made apparent how the data has been collected for this report but they usually use consumer surveys, lab tests and reviews so it’s quite likely that it is a combination of some or all of these put together.  Regardless of how it was compiled the report makes interesting reading. It is based on the top 4 US mobile carrier companies, so here goes with the top 3 for each one:


  1. LG Optimus S 32GB – Android
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB- Android
  3. Apple iPhone 5 16, 32, 64GB – iOS


  1. LG Optimus S 32GB – Android
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB – Android
  3. Apple iPhone 5 16,32,64GB – iOS


  1. Samsung Galaxy S III 16, 32GB – Android
  2. HTC One S 16GB – Android
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note II 16GB – Android


  1. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD 32GB – Android
  2. Motorola Droid Razr HD 16GB – Android
  3. Samsung Galaxy S III  16, 32GB – Android

T-Mobile USA do not yet offer the iPhone 5 so it’s not surprising that Apple don’t show up in that list but Verizon do offer it and it is nowhere to be seen.  It seems that, in Consumer Reports eyes, Android rules. What do you think? Should we, the consumers and Apple take this data seriously?