Comex Now Hired by Apple to Counter Jailbreaking

Those who follow our jailbreak blog may already know Comex aka Nicholas Allegra , the creator of which is one of the simplest iPhone 4 Jailbreak tools available o the internet . Soon after being interviewed by Forbes magazine , Comex was hired as an Intern in Apple. Comex tweeted this news in his twitter channel yesterday .

comex picture

This is not the first time Apple has hired any jailbreaker. Earlier Peter Hajas the creator of Mobile Notifier jailbreak app was hired as a developer for iOS 5 Notifications . This time Comex was hired for his great skill of detecting vulnerability in Apple’s iOS devices .


Comex departure from the jailbreak scene means a big loss for the jailbreak community as this guy spent countless hours in finding ways to jailbreak iPhone 4 which he implemented via JailbreakMe PDF exploit. The vulnerability was so simple that anyone who visited the website will get jailbroken by just downloading the PDF file . No PC or technical skills required on the part of the user .

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