Auto-Answer Facetime Calls on iPhone 4

Facetime Auto-Answer jailbreak app is a very nice tweak to use your 4th generation iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2 as any of the surveillance cameras listed below .

facetime iphone 4

  • Nanny cam
  • Surveillance camera
  • Baby cam Security
  • Entrance camera
  • Spy cam
  • Car anti-theft camera
  • Property protection cam
  • Network camera
  • Webcam

The Facetime Auto-Answer application will sit on the device which you want to use as the surveillance camera and wait for your call. As you make a call , kit will auto receive it and start relaying live video feed to your other iOS deviceĀ  .

Features :

  • You can set Auto Answer for both Phone calls and Facetime Calls .
  • Works in Stealth mode
  • Mutes audio
  • Choose number from which you want to auto answer .

Note : You will require both the devices [caller and receiver] to have WiFi connection to make and receive the call .

Download :

To download this app , type AutoAnswer in Cydia and hit Search . This app is available in BigBoss repository for $4.99. Also available in HackYouriPhone Repo .

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