Advantages of Jailbreaking iPhone 4S

If you have bought an iPhone 4S and looking for advice on whether to jailbreak it or not , you have come to the right place . Here we will discuss advantages of jailbreaking iPhone 4S and other iOS devices including iPad 2 and iPod Touch.

iphone 4s jailbreak

Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone 4S :

When you jailbreak iPhone 4S you unlock its full potential . Only then you get the choice and freedom to install the apps you want on your device . Apple has put a lot of restrictions on what you can install and how you use the device . With jailbreaking you remove these limits set by Apple .

Install More Apps :

After jailbreaking you can install apps of your choice . Apps which Apple wont allow you to install and has limited only to the App Store . When you first jailbreak your phone you install Cydia , an app that is the AppStore for all 3rd-party free/paid tweaks . Here is where you can search and install apps , tweaks , themes etc .

Customize your iPhone 4S :

After jalbreaking your iPhone 4S you get root access to your device . You can customize it as you want . Here are some selected apps which tops the list . Read the complete tutorial to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S .

Carrier Unlock iPhone 4S :

Jailbreaking opens the door to carrier unlocking your iPhone 4S for use with any carrier of your choice . If you have bought your phone at a subsidized price under contract from a carrier , this is for you . Just jailbreak and install the unlock app . Its Free .

Check out this video below to see some iPhone tweaks you can install after jailbreaking , not possible on a stock iPhone 4S .


UPDATE 20/01/2015

Since this article was published, a lot has happened in the iOS world. Several iOS updates have brought us to iOS 8 and, although this may be the very last year, both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 are supported by the latest and greatest release from the Cupertino Company. Several new jailbreaks have appeared in the last couple of years as well and, right now, iOS 8 can be jailbroken all the way through to iOS 8.1.2 and that includes the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Head over to this page to see what’s on offer.

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